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Reach Out And Touch Someone Today

Just God's Word has been reaching out to those who wish to know what the Love of God has revealed from the beginning of time. We have realized the need for simple Truth in a day and age when honesty is so hard to find. So Just God's Word has set out to feed the hungry and clothe the naked and to set the captives free; for men have been bound to ideas and the doctrines of men and have given over their wills to others to lead them as they see fit and to win over their confidence and help relieve them of their bank accounts and all done in the name of the Lord. Just God's Word seeks to get beyond that barrier and let God be the Leader of His people, to be the King and Priest that He has said He is, and to let God do His work of setting the soul free from the weight of sin that has bound them for so long.

This has been our goal and aim; not to supply what is needed to live IN this world, but to find that narrow Way that causes the soul to live as their Savior before them who declared that He was NOT of this world. It has been our desire for each one to have this experience with God and to help those who are searching for something more then what this life has offered them. It is our hope that as you begin to look through this site to see what its all about that you find what you have never seen before and will begin to experience the Spiritual Journey that leads you into an eternal walk with God and that you may find your way into His heart.

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