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God's Word

It seems like such a dichotomy to speak of a need for Just God's Word in an age of so many voices proclaiming beliefs that propose to have been derived from the book called the Bible. Why then make an  issue out of this, and is it really an issue at all?

When we compare what so many call church and good preaching today, we can see a vast difference between what God has spoken and what men have declared to be truth. Even in the most simplistic teachings a view of God is presented that is not found in His Word.

We realize that in such a time as this when so many voices are speaking their opinions of God's Word that it is time to see what God has to say. It may seem a trivial thing in today's world and even made to seem a ridiculous gesture in the face of so much education and learning from those higher institutions where masters and doctorate degrees are acquired and millions of dollars are spent to become wise in God's Word. This way of learning of course is not found in scripture, we especially realize this when we see Christ being homed schooled and then reaching out to the un-educated and un-learned to spread the Gospel.

Against this kind of backdrop we have seen the downright necessity and demand to know more of what God says and to dig into His Word with a righteous vengeance to find those things that have been lost, misplaced, misrepresented or just not known about God and His Eternal Kingdom.

God has spoken in a way that goes beyond where many have ever traveled in their doctrines, dogmas or decrees. This knowledge has an ever widening view and an unlimited amount of information for those who wish to take a Journey Into Eternity.

As you will quickly see when you begin to peruse this website that it is not full of extras or peripherals to tantalize or entertain. We understand that these things have played a role in religious circles long enough to know that it is not the answer to what God has said of how we need to 'work out our own salvation ...' Phil 2:12. Instead, we wish to know more about God and what He has declared in no uncertain terms to those who have ears to hear and eyes to see. What you will find here instead is a Spiritual Journey that reveals an awesome God that has spoken far more and done far more than most have ever realized.

So we hope that you enjoy reading the FREE materials that can be found on the Resource page, and become involved with this ever growing knowledge of God so that you can begin your Spiritual Journey into Eternity and see what part God's children play in this thing called salvation.

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